Hello weekend

16 August 2018

What are your plans for the weekend? On Saturday we're having lunch with our friends and their twin babies by the lake. I'm hoping for some winter sun and a cuddle with each twin :) Other than that, I'll be chilling at home, with some new books and other lovely things that were given to me for my birthday. It should be really nice! To share:

How good (and quick) does this salmon sandwich look?

This mini-episode of Forever 35 is helpful and funny.

Surviving maternity leave - a list of essentials that could be easily adapted for busy weeks and challenging times.

Malted chocolate cake. Seriously contemplating a post-birthday cake.

Five novels to read. I've reserved three titles from the library.

What new parents actually want. Nappies came up way more than I expected.

How to make Tartine's jam slice.

And I loved this (and promptly sent it to one of my besties): When your sense of self includes your best friend.

See you next week! X

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