Hello weekend

10 August 2018

I am counting down the days til my birthday :) In preparation, we're going to... IKEA to stock up on bowls for a pasta party (somehow we're down to two in the house). I want to try the Swedish cinnamon buns while we're there, my friend who has excellent taste in coffee and cafes rates them. And my sister's making me a chocolate ripple cake for my family celebration, which should be really fun. Good things to share:

One of my heroes, Miranda July, on making art.

Beyonce in her own words.

Related: How to spend your privilege via Jocelyn.

Listening to lots of Emily King this week.

South-Sudanese Australians on police, politics and the media.

Salad win: trade croutons for grilled cheese squares.

And I thought I'd share some of my favourite stories from my new gig at ABC Life, because it launched this week:

My week without plastic.

A beginner's guide to meditation.

Finally, The Baker and the Beast podcast, which follows a family after the mum is diagnosed with motor neurone disease. I had very little knowledge about MND, and watching this video of Cath gave the audio series an extra dimension. It sounds heavy, but I got so much out of listening to the story of this family.

See you next week (I'll be 34!).


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