Daily vacations

26 August 2018

The weekend felt both exciting and long. There were pockets for reading, a surprisingly thrilling carousel ride with my sister and four-year-old niece (the Canberra merry-go-round goes fast), time for coffee and pastries out with Tony, plus a trip to the Canberra Writers' Festival to see Bridie Jabour. It was a happy weekend and I didn't get the Sunday blues, at any point in the day.

It could be because on Saturday I stumbled across a lovely idea in Stephanie Rosenbloom's book Alone Time. It comes from two researchers, Fred B. Bryant and Joseph Veroff, and it's called the Daily Vacation.

'Here's how it works: 

Each day for a week, plan and take a daily vacation by doing something you enjoy for twenty minutes or more. The vacation can be something as simple as going for a walk around your neighbourhood, or thumbing through a book or gardening. Aim to be in the moment, and "to see things as if for the last time."'

I'd love to try it this week! I could read my book (just started this, and already loving it), walk into the city after work as the sun goes down, take a bath with the last of my winter candle, listen to a new podcast, bake a salted caramel slice.

More ideas on how to spend your daily vacation, and savour happy moments, right this way.

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