Night time rituals

01 July 2018

Do you have any after work rituals? My morning routine has been pretty solid for the last six months - I go to yoga most mornings, have coffee at the studio and then head to work with a clearer-than-usual head. Evenings are far more haphazard, and I've been experimenting with a few different ways of winding down:

If I'm getting the bus, I walk to the city after work to get a dose of fresh air, which is always a refreshing shock after sitting in heating all day. It's a half hour walk and I'll listen to a podcast or some music and get on a bus that's more direct than the one I can catch right outside my office. The commute puts a nice gap between my work day and the night.

If it's been an especially busy day and I'm driving home,  I'll listen to Spotify's daily mixes after work, saving new podcast episodes for the weekend.

I'm easily distracted by my phone at night, so I've been setting a timer for some dedicated reading time, so I don't accidentally check the time on my phone and end up scrolling through Instagram.

And if I'm wrestling with a few things in my head, I'll write them down in a notebook. Sometimes it helps me identify exactly what I'm feeling, other times it just feels like I'm putting thoughts somewhere else, and which stops me from turning them over in my head or trying to remember them.

P.S How crazy is it that we're more than halfway through the year?!

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