Hello weekend

27 July 2018

Lately I've been relying on comfort food to do its thing. Last night Tony's parents took us out to dinner and I ordered pappardelle lamb ragu followed by tiramisu. Afterwards, I felt great. My belly was full and my mind suddenly clear. It sounds ridiculous but it's been a big week, and it was just what I needed. Seven good things to share:

Finding your style when your clothing budget is $30 a month.

Equal parts terrifying and fascinating - the pelvic flaw in all of us.

Next level caramel slice.

Because I always have leftover herbs in the fridge, I'm going to make chimchurri and try it over some scrambled eggs.

Keep seeing this hair tie everywhere.

One of my favourite Canberra cafe reviewers has a new blog that covers food, motherhood, travel and lifestyle. It's beautiful and I'd love to try the hummingbird cake.

See you next week! Thanks always for hanging out here x

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