Hello weekend

20 July 2018

Did you have a good week? Mine was a happy mix of productivity and down time. Most days, I managed to leave the office while it was still light (also, more than halfway through winter woo!) and there was time for some after work cookie baking too.

This weekend I'm taking Tony on another surprise date (we're going to the Scandinavian film festival!), and we're going on a winter picnic with friends. I can't decide whether to make Nigella's olive oil chocolate cake (feels like everyone is raving about it), or a pear tart...
For your weekend:

10 minutes of pure wanderlust - parenting in Provence.

Spelt choc chip cookies - super satisfying, quick to make and not that bad for you either.

Planning to watch Namatjira Project this weekend.

Short stories aren't usually my thing but I'm averaging a story a night from Curtis Sittenfeld's latest. So funny and scarily true to life.

And a new-to-me Anna Jones recipe that came highly recommended - sticky green bean and chilli paneer. I've never made paneer before but I'd like to try it!

P.S I've been warding off colds with a combo of echinacea and olive leaf extract tablets that I take daily. I had one really bad cold at the start of the season, which motivated me to sort out my vitamin situation. So far, so good.

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