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24 July 2018

Ever since I deleted the Facebook app and stopped leaving it open in a tab at work, I've been relying on a handful of newsletters to fill the gaps. The best bit? Most pop into my inbox one a week and I can dip into them whenever it suits (usually over breakfast). Here are five faves:

Sophie Hansen's 5 Reasons to be Cheerful on Monday is the nicest way to start of each week. It's a picture-filled newsletter with podcast, TV show and article recommendations. Bonus:  Sophie usually shares a seasonal recipe each week - the peach pie from January was especially good.

Quarter Cup Crisis is another favourite food newsletter that I read every week. It's really entertaining and relatable (ahem, ambitious holiday house cooking projects gone wrong), and it's all about learning to cook in your early twenties. There's a recipe each week, some nerdy cooking facts, a funny GIF and my fave - Kitch Sitch, a flat lay of ingredients and objects that inspired the week's meals. 

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For career advice and online pep talks, I subscribe to the OKREAL newsletter (which happens to look great too). It features interviews with a diverse range of women who work, whether they're in the media or own their own businesses. Their interviews are always funny and motivating.

Laura Olin sends a weekly list of 'lovely and/or meaningful things' that I love for being surprising and political. Two recent recommendations I enjoyed recently - this piece about creating your own dress code (choose a colour palette, and stick with it), and the 1963 March on Washington in GIFs. I was a huge fan of Laura's previous offering, Everything Changes newsletter, which wrapped up last year.

I also love... Cup of Jo's newsletter (even though I visit the site daily!), Extraordinary Routines (for excellent summaries of new interviews, and its take on creative life), similarly Creative Mornings and Jocelyn K. Glei's offerings (if you're interested in work and creativity). And I always get cooking ideas from Food52's weekly recipe highlights. This week they posted an Oreo ice cream cake!

(Photos: Citrus cake by Sophie Hansen, Kitch Sitch by Tanya Sichynsky, Letter by Letters of Note, Katsu and rice by Food 52)

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