Two kick ass winter soups

03 June 2018

Up until now, I've seen soup as a back up meal that gets made when I'm feeling lazy or need a break from pasta. But I'm excited to share two veggie filled soups that will be on high rotation this winter:

Anna Jones's smoked corn chowder is crazy good. It's creamy and full of veggies, with just enough lemon to keep it tasting light. It's not hard to make but feels like a restaurant-quality dish. I bought a bottle of liquid smoke from my local deli for four dollars and highly recommend it for this recipe. We're having some leftover chowder for dinner tonight and I'll be using some spare leeks to make the grilled cheese from Queer Eye!

The cooler weather has had me reaching for Julia Busuttil Nishimura's book Ostro a lot. One favourite recipe, the pasta and chickpea soup with pumpkin and tomato. It's more of a weekend soup, which putters away for an hour or two. It cooks into a rich and silky tomato soup.

I've been making and freezing small batches of stock for soups like these.

P.S On my winter wish list - this merino snood because scarves are tricky for us clumsy folk.

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