Hello weekend

08 June 2018

I'm excited for another long weekend. My sister and her family are coming over for lasagne (my niece's request!) and I'm planning to serve tiny gelato cones for dessert. I also have my eye on this truffle burger pop-up and will be up extra early on Saturday for an overseas mentoring call (!). I hope you have a relaxing weekend. To share:

Scallop pasta = fancy comfort food.

Loved Jamila Rizvi's profile on Extraordinary Routines.

Packing for New York.

Blue cheese scones with a side of podcast recommendations. Are you listening to Caliphate? It's been recommended to me three times this week.

I finished We Were Eight Years in Power by Ta-Nehisi Coates this week. What a powerful book about race, identity and inequality. It also helped me think about my own cultural identity in new ways. 

Speaking of, I'm excited to watch Where Are You Really From? The trailer alone really speaks to my experience of growing up as a Chinese Australian.

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