Hello weekend

01 June 2018

Yesterday we welcomed winter by tucking into lamb shanks, potatoes and cauliflower gratin that my mother-in-law Wendy had lovingly made. It's suddenly very chilly in Canberra, so my beanie is on and my new down jacket is firmly zipped up. This weekend is going to be a slow one. I'm hoping for lots of hot coffee and time with my book. So many things to share:

I'd really like to make some homemade pasta this winter. Fancy Pasta Bitch is my inspiration. (Via Laura).

Something that influenced my work week - Kate Berry's talk on surviving life as a creative person. Especially admirable: her ability to dream up a big idea, turn it into something great, then have the courage to walk away.

From Sophie, a trick for the easily distracted: use the timer on your phone to set Instagram/internet browsing limits.

At her recommendation, I listened to this TED talk about joy and where it hides. If you have time, watch the video for the visual cues. One tiny joyful thing from my week, hearing Lean On Me play as I ate breakfast at work.

Always delightful, How To Be A Girl is gearing up for its very own royal wedding.

Another insightful (and funny) podcast is back - there are new episodes of Sleepover. Thank you to Chiara for letting me know.

I wanted to finish with some of your book recommendations that came from this post. Lucy recommended Meg Wolitzer's The Female Persuasion, Adele found The Museum of Words by Georgia Blain to be honest and gentle (the cover!), and I'm curious about Elisa Albert's After Birth, which was on Chiara's list of great recent reads.

See you next week X

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