Hello weekend

25 May 2018

It's the start of an extra long weekend for me :) Canberra's newest public holiday is this Monday, to mark the start of Reconciliation Week. We have lots of fun plans. I'll be making an apple pie to take to a friend's place and on Sunday we have tickets to see Zach's Ceremony, which looks incredible. But for now, it's all about leftovers, Netflix and catching up on some much needed sleep. To share:

I've been scrolling through Quarter Cup Crisis, a fun food newsletter about upping your dinner game in your twenties.

The happiest birthday cake.

A nutritionist who craves McChickens - a fascinating first trimester recap.

Michelle Obama has been sharing some sweet photos on Instagram this week, including this college snap and a photo from her wedding day.

A typical day in Venice sounds delicious.

This week I finished Stan Grant's Talking To My Country and highly recommend it. It's a challenging but important read.

Did you watch the royal wedding? I loved that people of colour featured so prominently in the ceremony and on TV. This article best summed it up for me (NY Times). Also... my friend Sarah made this fun discovery: you can listen to songs from the wedding (and the wedding itself!) on Spotify.

I sampled the Soul Music podcast this week and am obsessed. Each episode features personal stories that are connected to a well known song. I've managed to listen to five episodes in as many days, True Colours and Can't Take My Eyes Off You were my faves.

A more disturbing listen - The Daily takes a look at a conspiracy theorist who believes the Sandy Hook school shooting never happened.

P.S Since the start of this year, I've been making monthly donations to AIME, the Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience. I'm also looking for ways to mark Reconciliation Week and plan on checking out this exhibition.

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