Hello weekend

11 May 2018

It's suddenly freezing in Canberra, so I'm layering up and making ragu. I planned a tiny cabin stay for this weekend - only I accidentally booked one that was too far away! We've postponed the trip and now have a surprise weekend at home. I reckon we'll see this exhibition and go out for poke bowls... or just stay close to the heater, order pizza and read. To share:

What pregnancy feels like via Erin.

I listened to Dolly Alderton's podcast Love Stories this week because I love The High Low. The latest episode with writer Marian Keyes is lovely (her Irish lilt!).

Love this bamboo cutlery set for picnics and lunches on the run.

Success at work ;)

So curious about raw tomato sauce for pastas.

Two books I'd like to read: Curtis Sittenfeld's latest and Sloane Crosley's book of NYC essays.

Making friends as an adult can be tricky but sweet, which is why I loved this episode of Nancy.

A new favourite banana bread, with chocolate and crystallised ginger.

Tiny brag: Tony's in the Salon De Refuses at the S.H. Ervin Gallery in Sydney, which is the second-cut of the Archibald prize. It opens this weekend!

"No person can be summed up by the best or worst thing they've ever done."

And I'm going to watch this week's Four Corners, 'I Am That Girl'. Read the article here. Thank you to the brave women who told this story.

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