My favourite things to do in Sydney: the short stay edition

16 April 2018

Whenever I visit Sydney, there are a million things on my to-do list. But most of my trips are flying ones - overnight stays for a niece or nephew's birthday, an art exhibition, or work. Still, I persevere ;) Here's what I try and squeeze into those super short trips:

A swim somewhere scenic

I used to be all about trying somewhere new to eat, but lately I've realised a swim is the nicest way to start a busy day in Sydney. It also makes the three-hour drive home a lot easier if I've had some sun and exercise.

Outdoor pools are my favourite. The Andrew Boy Charlton pool near the Botanical Gardens is pretty special but it can be a bit tricky to get to. If you're based in the city, there's also the Prince Alfred Park pool in between Redfern and Surry Hills. When we lived in Chippendale (eight years ago now!), I loved Victoria Park pool, and lounging on the grass post-swim.

Breakfast and brunch

I'm a huge fan of Paper Bird in Potts Point for a weekend brunch. They serve an iced filter coffee that tastes like chocolate, and diner classics with an Asian twist :) It's also near this book shop, which stocks some hard-to-find magazines like Cherry Bombe.

If I'm having a quick breakfast on my own, I like Brickfields Bakery in Chippendale. It's in my old neighbourhood, which is full of memories, like the showroom where I spotted my wedding dress in the window.

Lunch and dinner

I became obsessed with ramen after we moved to Wagga Wagga - because I couldn't find it anywhere. The Rising Sun Workshop in Newtown is my favourite place to eat it in Sydney (this place comes a close second). The cafe used to serve ramen for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but have recently started a separate dinner menu.

At the moment, you can order the best dish I've eaten in a long time for eight dollars. It's a version of egg and soldiers made with fluffy Japanese milk bread, and a Vegemite-inspired spread that's seaweed based. I also really love their ginger soda and chocolate and ginger cookies. 

For quick lunches and dinners, I love Boon Cafe in Thai town, for cold coconuts and noodles. We often stay in Airbnbs around Alexandria, which usually means pizza at Da Mario and a short wander down the street to Gelato Messina :) 

Other things

If there's time, we'll usually pop into the MCA to see their latest exhibition. We can usually get a park nearby, and get a quick bite at the Gateway Centre (The Burger Project! Gelato Messina!) before driving home. It's also near Tony's favourite art supplies shop in the Rocks.

I also love to wander around Kinokuniya, during the day there's a Black Star Pastry cafe inside the bookshop. They're also open late, which is nice for a post-work browse.  

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