Hello weekend

19 April 2018

Hello! It's been scone weather this week - chilly but not cold, good for hot drinks and warm snacks. I've been choosing presents and mailing birthday cards this week, and thinking about going for a hike and making Anzac biscuits (this recipe looks easy and good). I hope you have a lovely weekend, whatever you're getting up to! To share:

Grown up chocolate crackles.

15 Modern Love essays by millennials.

Nigella Lawson on cooking as a feminist act.

Very tempted to buy this insulated coffee cup.

The cutest slice of toast!

Would you ever try a shopping ban?

This is so nice :)

Loving this brow pencil.

And here's what I'm planning for dinner next week: baked gnocchi (!!), and mushroom burgers with coriander pesto because we've grown heaps of it. Also on my radar - a 30 minute pasta with all the charm of chicken parm.

P.S My sister's in a book that's coming out soon! Carla wrote a chapter of The Motherhood, which is edited by Jamila Rizvi, and about her experience of life as a new mum. If you're in Canberra, we're going to the launch (and would love to see you there).

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