Hello weekend

06 April 2018

Did you have a good week? I've just come back from a trip to Sydney, where I started my new job. It was a busy, nerve-wracking, and exciting week... and now I'm spent. I have the humblest plans for the weekend - making spaghetti and meatballs, raiding my Easter egg stash, and finding time for a face mask and bath. Yay. For your weekend:

The funnest thing I saw this week via Caroline.

A classic birthday cake with chocolate icing.

For anyone starting something new, RadioLab's Jad Abumrad has a name for how you might feel. It's called gut churn.

Louis Theroux's Scientology movie is on iView.

This week I've been obsessed with Mari Andrew and her new book, which was the perfect thing to read before starting a new gig. Three lovely related things: her book launch with cookies, a smile-inducing interview about her life and career to date, plus her daily routine.

A new workmate introduced me to Bodyshock, a podcast that explores how having kids impacts your body and your mind.

And while it's still warm, I've been adding lemon oil to mineral water. A drop per glass does the trick. It's something I picked up from my yoga teacher who recommends this brand of essential oils if you're adding it to food and drinks.

Have a lovely weekend!

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