Hello weekend

23 March 2018

We're heading to Sydney this weekend and I'm excited for a mini road trip! We're taking my mum out for a belated birthday lunch - fish and chips followed by Gelato Messina :) And Tony's part of an exhibition that opens on Saturday afternoon. Hope you have the best weekend. Here are some nice things to share:

Obsessed with these Easter chocolates.

Umami noodles with Chinese sausage (lapcheong was a childhood treat - my grandfather cooked it for us most weekends). 

One of my favourite TV shows is back! Terrace House is set in Nagano this time. I love observing how the housemates interact with and look after each other.

My sister lent me her slow cooker, so I made beef brisket! We've been eating tacos ever since. I'm super curious about slow cooked veggie dishes - shout out if you have any favourites. 

This episode of The Daily was thought provoking and great.

I love the idea of adding an evening stroll to my daily routine, even if it's getting cool and dark in Canberra.

I feel like I've been sharing this recipe for citrus lentil salad with everyone this week! Don't judge it by its ingredients, its actually really comforting and bright. I want to make the accompanying oatmeal choc chip cookies on my next free day. 

And I was fascinated to read how Lou and Tim divvy up housework in their relationships. Thank you for sharing :)


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