Hello weekend

16 March 2018

How did you go this week? I wrapped up a couple of biggish projects at work (hooray!) so I'm heading into the weekend with a bit of extra brain space :) Two good things from this week: meeting a baby girl and gathering a few special supplies for her parents. I made a lasagne and brought nappies with smiley peaches on them!

And my chef friend visited my favourite Thai restaurant in Wagga Wagga and worked out the recipe for my most-ordered dish. It's called Yum noodles (for real!), and I can't wait to make it at home. A few things to share...

A choc chip cookie for autumn.

If you've been loving the politics of Ugly Delicious, I reckon you'll enjoy the latest episode of The Sporkful - Other People's Holidays.

Also worth checking out - a day in the life of a line chef at one of New York's fanciest restaurants. Watching Ugly Delicious made me crave more stories about women in food and Bon Appetit delivers.

Two great posts from Cup of Jo - a dreamy little Brooklyn studio (imagine if this was your home in your early twenties!) and why life is beautiful (this stayed with me all day).

"This company was built on cake."

A classic dessert I'd love to master.

And I finished the Making Obama podcast today. I've raved about it here before but finishing the series made me think about its producer, Jenn White. She knows how to tell a story that's uplifting and yet real, she nails gender and cultural diversity, and each episode is full of funny moments. Respect.

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