Hello weekend!

02 March 2018

Happy Autumn! To mark the change of season I've been updating my veggie patch, planning a few soups and getting into hot cross buns. It's an excellent time of year. That said, I've been a tiny bit restless this week. My friend Cate says it's because a full moon is coming. Let's hope a slow weekend sorts me out. A few things to share:

Great things are happening around you.

This conversation between directors Barry Jenkins (Moonlight) and Greta Gerwig (Lady Bird) made me want to watch both films again.

Something sweet - a first-time Dad captures his son's life in cartoons and letters.

How to cook for a crowd. 'Pick a showpiece' is my favourite piece of advice!

Humans of New York is in my father's home country - Indonesia.

P.S On Thursday, Tony and I marked 10 years together. I've been calling it '10 Years of Tony' as a joke :) This is us in Tokyo in 2009. Time flies.

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