Autumn wish list

12 March 2018

Autumn has long been one of my favourite seasons. It's when Tony and I started dating, which makes me smile every time the leaves start to turn. It's good weather for cosying up, cooking comfort food, and it's (finally) time to buy Easter eggs. My dream autumn includes... this lambswool alphabet jumper, which would be a super splurge but sure to cheer up the chilly days ahead.

I've also been admiring these smart frames, which are a lot lighter than the black frames I've been wearing for years.

I have a weakness for pyjama-style clothing, and could imagine myself going out for coffee dates or watching the latest season of Love in these stripey pants.

Last but not least, we're heading into excellent eating weather. I'm excited about getting back into hearty pasta bakes and trying out a new cheap and cheerful Italian restaurant in town.

Pasta bake photo by Bobbi Lin for Food 52.

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