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09 February 2018

What's on for you this weekend? After a zany week, I only have fun things planned. We'll see Ladybird (finally!), and I really want to catch the Songlines exhibition before it closes. I've also started making small plans for Valentine's Day because I love any kind of celebration. We'll probably do something cheesy, like make a pizza in the shape of a heart and share a tub of my favourite chocolate mousse. To share:

This book is brightening my mornings and nights.

Tiramisu in a jar.

Worth copying - a super sweet birthday surprise

It was a good week to listen to the Kris Jenner interview on Never Before With Janet Mock. I love Janet as a host, she always manages to get something fresh :)

I'm also tuning into the Seeing White series from the Scene on Radio podcast. It's a 14-part look at whiteness in American society. It sounds heavy but it's conversational and real, so don't be afraid.

The first episode of Making Obama was great!

And I loved this interview with Beci Orpin about her family. I've long admired her work and her family's creative life.

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