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02 February 2018

Hello from February! Did you see the blue moon this week? It's meant to be especially good for making plans. We've just come back from a week in Mollymook. It was so relaxing and fun, and great for the soul. We had fish and chips, went for long walks, and I stood up on a surfboard! I'll share a few more photos soon, in the meantime:

I'm very interested in double coconut muffins with mango.

This song on repeat (how did I miss it?!).

I sent my sister these thought-provoking words on about parenting and creative work.

Breakfast burritos for two.

All week, I've been listening to the Opportunity Costs series from the Death, Sex and Money podcast. I've loved tuning into very personal conversations about money and class and how they impact our experience of life.

Anna Sale's companion essay about learning to share money again after a divorce was excellent too. I was the anxious money person when Tony and I moved in together.

A dinner suggestion via Sophie - chicken meatballs with zucchini spaghetti.

I read Lucy Knisley's graphic novel An Age of License during the week and then found her on Instagram. I love her illustrations of everyday life. This week she captured a whole day as part of the annual Hourly Comic project. It starts at 5am.

And we might keep the holiday vibe going over the weekend - a friend recommended this movie and we have vouchers from Christmas :)

Have a lovely weekend x

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