Hello weekend!

16 February 2018

Happy Chinese New Year! I hope this new lunar year brings you many good things and only challenges you can handle. This week I've been playing a couple of movie soundtracks non-stop (this one and this one), and getting lots of things ticked off at work. It feels good. Our weekend plans are simple - a market shop, some yoga, seeing friends for drinks and trying out a few new recipes. Hope you have a lovely weekend! To share:

I'm getting back into Reply All, courtesy of this episode.

Settling into my first big novel of 2018, and it's a good one.

This is such a cool house. The interview is very sweet too.

My friend Sarah alerted me to the fact that Alone: A Love Story will have a second season! Listen to the preview here.

I've been cooking from Heidi's blog, Apples Under My Bed, for the last little while. The recipes are unfussy and reliable. This week we tried the tuna, lemon and chilli spaghetti and loved it. I was a little under the weather when I made it but it came together quickly and perked me right up.

And I've just discovered this fun online fashion series - Style Out There. Each episode explores a fashion subculture in a different country. The second season is being released now, here's my favourite episode from season one - Korea's matchy-matchy couple outfits.

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