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19 January 2018

Hello, I hope you had a good week! I've been enjoying the pastel skies, hazelnut gelato, and this salad that's equal parts cabbage and cheese. The biggest highlight of my week was  welcoming my niece and nephew to Canberra, and watching them play with the Christmas presents I've been saving. My parents and brother will arrive on the weekend to help my sister unpack. We'll be floating around to help and go out for meals :) Briefly to share:

A sweet recipe zine I ordered earlier this week.

The cutest swimmers via Nirrimi.

A relaxing after work album.

The perfect heatwave meal - sushi bowls.

Followed by a heatwave-friendly dessert - almond butter cups. It'll be my third Pinch of Yum recipe this week!

I've started listening to podcasts again and am enjoying Reveal, an investigative journalism podcast. The topics are so varied, I started with this missing persons story and followed it up with an episode on contraceptive rights in America.

"We get into tricky territory when we try and see the spaces that we live in as a reflection of ourselves." Loved these thoughts on making a home as a renter.

I'm excited to work my way through this brand new video series. I am endlessly curious about how or when you make the decision to have kids. Meanwhile, I love how New Zealand's Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has been talking about her pregnancy news.

And here's a podcast series about consent from last year that's worth revisiting. Especially this week.

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