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12 January 2018

What did you get up to this week? I went back to work and it was fine! It was nice to see everyone, I also packed plenty of snacks and went for walks on my lunch breaks. It was also my very first  short week :)

We're heading to Thirroul today to meet up with some friends who live in Iceland (one was a groomsman at our wedding).  Best of all, we're going to meet their baby girl. We're hoping go to the beach a lot, visit this bagel cafe, and chill out at our Airbnb, talking, eating and playing with the baby. Here are a few good things I discovered during the week:

Delicious lunch box ideas - I'm especially keen on the Italian chicken schnitzel roll.

Kate Berry's cute new photography project.

Salmon patties are on the menu for next week.

I'm also busting to make a peach pie.

Two slightly bigger things:

Right before Christmas, I found out that an old friend from uni had died. It's been on my mind a lot. We didn't stay in touch but the time we did spend together was formative and memorable. So when I read this story last week, it made me curious about The Bright Hour. I read it over the heatwave weekend, and it's very much a story about living. I especially enjoyed her descriptions of being in nature and mothering two thoughtful and funny boys.

And I'm trying out a new podcast and loved a thought that came up - it doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful. I am a bit of a perfectionist, and can easily ruin my own fun or fritter it away with worries. Sarah Wilson also writes about 'Perfect Moment Syndrome' in her book about anxiety. It's about having fewer expectations, instead of thinking that weekends are always relaxing, and birthdays are always 100% happy. I think of it when I'm tempted to save something (a podcast episode, a new top, a phone call) for a more perfect time.

Have a lovely weekend. I'm super excited about next week - my sister moves to Canberra on Tuesday! It'll be just like this ;)

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