Plum cake + an exciting new podcast

21 January 2018

I've been thinking about family rituals this week, since my sister moved to Canberra. Maybe we'll have a standing Friday night dinner somewhere local, like the family in The Squid and the Whale. We've already promised my niece a girls' day out, including "a meal at a restaurant" at her request (four year olds!).

I have the best memories of going to my grandparent's house for dinner as a kid. They used to own a Chinese restaurant in Sydney and had a servery built into their home - a little hatch that connected the kitchen to the dining room. With dinner covered, my parents, aunts and uncle took turns bringing dessert.

A summer plum cake is becoming a new family ritual. I made one last year, using fruit that a friend brought into the office to share. My extended family divvied it up on a balmy afternoon, after my grandfather's wake. When the plums appeared in the office again this week I realised we were nearing the anniversary of his death.

I baked this dimply plum cake (it's jewel-toned and jammy) to share with my family who are in town to help with my sister's move. We managed to demolish the whole thing on an equally hot day, this time in my sister's new lounge room. It's a simple tradition that makes me think of my grandfather, and our ever-growing family.

On a very different note, I am so excited about the Making Obama podcast, which comes out next month. Making Oprah was such a joyous and fascinating podcast series, and I am sure this next series will be just as good. I heard the reporter, Jenn White, speak at a podcast conference in Sydney last year and was blown away by her ideas and humanity (I even plucked up the courage to ask a question). You can listen to a preview of the new series here :)

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