New Year goodness

09 January 2018

This time last year I made a list of fun things to try in 2017. They were small things I'd never done before, like order an affogato or go boogie boarding. Some things were ticked off right away, while others had to wait until the last few weeks of the year. It was really fun and I'm doing it again this year. I'm still building my list - so far making jam is the only thing on it!

The new year brings so much expectation and promise, and I'm trying to be extra kind to myself as I transition back to work. I've been leafing through Meredith Gaston's beautiful illustrated book The Art of Wellbeing for inspiration. It's full of recipes and meditations, and is about making our daily lives more joyful. I bought it as a New Year's gift to myself.

I didn't listen to many podcasts over the break but when I did, I picked an episode from this list of 2017 highlights. The hosts of Call Your Girlfriend recommended She's All Fat, "the podcast for body positivity, radical self-love and chill vibes only."

It's really good. I started with an episode about confidence, and immediately texted my sister about it. The theme song makes me smile and the show is super fun, inclusive and challenging. It also leaves you feeling good about yourself and your place in the world. My sister also recommends bodyposipanda on Instagram.

One other nice thing, Death, Sex and Money put out a mini-podcast in the first week of this month called Pull Quote. The episodes are super short, usually a couple of minutes max, and they're clips from memorable interviews. Each one offers something to ruminate on over the day and I hope the series continues in 2018!

My cousin Melissa shared this poem by Rupi Kaur on New Year's Day. I've been craving mint choc chip ice cream ever since. I've also been scrolling through excerpts from her latest book on Instagram, while I wait for my copy to come in from the library.

Libraries are great btw! Mine has so many new release cookbooks, which is going to save me a lot of money this year (fingers crossed). I request books all the time, and it's kind of nice not knowing what's going to come in when.

Here's what I'm waiting on: The Tivoli Road Baker by Michael James, Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng, The No Spend Year by Michelle McGagh, Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur, and Bread is Gold by Massimo Bottura.

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