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16 December 2017

Hello from Wagga Wagga! We are here for two short days because Tony has an exhibition at the art gallery and an artist talk too. It's been great to be back, to see friends and the town that was our home for five years. I can't help but try and spot what's changed since we left.

Things have been buzzing along this week - we celebrated Tony's birthday with a banquet at one of our favourite restaurants, saw the new Star Wars (mixed feelings!), and I finished work for the year!

I've been making a few holidays plans, mainly stocking ups on cookbooks and DVDs at the library and making a list of special food for Christmas Day. This next week is mainly fun stuff with a few little jobs in between. I'll be trying new recipes (kale pizza tonight!), biking around town, and sleeping in.

Onto a few good things:

A beautiful t-shirt, designed and made in Canberra.

If you're looking for a quick and bright pasta - this one is for you. It's a twist on a River Cafe recipe with creme fraiche, lemon, zucchini and rocket. It comes together quickly, so it feels more like combining ingredients than full-on cooking, and it's so good. We used fresh pasta for the markets to make it extra yum.

This recipe site is lovely! You can find meal recommendations based on your mood and setting. Most seem pretty simple, with the focus being on the pleasure of eating and spending time with others.

A little holiday gift to self :)

And if this heatwave passes, I'm going to try this spaghetti and meatball dish. My ultimate comfort food.

Have a festive weekend, catch you next week! X

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