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22 December 2017

I had a head start on the holidays and it's been great. We tackled jobs around the house that'd been neglected for months (changing tricky lightbulbs, getting rid of wasps!), wrapped Christmas presents, and watched The Room so that we can see The Disaster Artist on Boxing Day. Best of all, it's all been done at our own pace, which could be the very best thing about being on holidays.

Thank you for hanging out here this year! Have a relaxing, fun and delicious summer. Tell me if you cook something great, finish an excellent book or figure out something big over the break - I always love hearing from you. I'll catch you in the new year, in the meantime, here's a round up of some of my favourite posts from 2017:

But first, Christmas weekend links:

From the blog, things to make and eat:

Fun things to read, hear, and watch:

Super fun style tips from Real Girl Wardrobes:

Things I worked out in 2017:

Travel notes from:

And a shortlist of my favourite on and offline finds of the year:
  • Good stuff, the girl power edition
  • Spring things, including a hilarious and moving dance tribute to a late friend, and Australian creatives talking about burnout
  • For the hungry, a simple recipe blog from Melbourne and one way to cut back on plastic bags

Happy holidays! X

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