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27 October 2017

I am loving everything about spring - the lovely bright nights, the faint smell of flowers whenever I open our doors, the hopefulness of it all. I chilled out a lot this week, eating meals that had been stashed in the freezer and going for long walks after work. This weekend I'll get a start on my brother's 21st birthday cake, which is going to be a three-layer cake with chocolate, hazelnut and coconut! And I'll continue to be consumed by A Little Life. Some internet-y things to share:

Lots of good things arrived in time for the weekend, including a copy of Peddler journal by Hetty McKinnon, of Neighbourhood and Community food-fame. As with all delicious things, Lee Tran Lam tipped me off. If you're keen to sample the publication, she's published an interview here.

I bought a filter coffee machine (a Moccamaster!) and it feels like a big deal. I'm planning to enjoy my first brew with these sticky cinnamon buns. The recipe is yeast-free and makes quite a few, perfect for stashing in your freezer for weekend treats :)

I am a huge fan of The Strokes (I once lined up overnight to get tickets to a secret gig! My friend Garry photographed the queue) and stumbled across a release I missed last year - Future, Present, Past. This is my favourite song.

Two women that inspired my week with their common sense advice, heart and persistence - Anna Sale sharing the 11 things she learned while making a career leap and Lolly Bowean from The Chicago Tribune on how she gets things done. Both listens may seem super specific to the media but their advice is solid.

For my expectant friends - 'Ten Things I Always Tell Pregnant Women'.

And a movie we're watching this weekend (a Netflix new release!).

Catch you next week :)

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