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20 October 2017

I'm so looking forward to a quiet weekend after a quick trip to Brisbane during the week. I'm going to bake an almond and blueberry cake from this sweet book, go for a hike and pick up some new seedlings for my balcony garden. Hope you have a few fun things planned. Here are a few things I enjoyed this week:

I deleted the Facebook app on my phone last weekend and really enjoyed this (short) podcast episode about using Instagram more mindfully.

Excellent camp food inspiration - warm breakfast bowls and chunky spaghetti sauce.

Speaking of food, Julia made me curious about taco rice bowls. I'm giving this recipe a try.


"Even the term 'violence against women' is problematic."

And daily affirmations for the week ahead.

P.S - The gardens in my apartment complex are so green at this time of year :)

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