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06 October 2017

This week I am grateful for hot showers, Frozen-themed boxes for sending presents to my niece (she's four this weekend!) and the weather for being so warm and lovely. It's been a funny one - I've been without a voice for most of the week and at home a lot while I waited for it to return.

While I was taking things easy, I read my book, watched episodes of Midnight Diner (my brother's recommendation!) and binge listened to a new podcast, Alone: A Love Story. I have two episodes to go and I'm saving them - for a nice long walk on the weekend - or just because I don't want the story to end. You should give it a go - I haven't been this into a podcast since S-Town came out.

I also made another video, this time featuring clips from my birthday, travels to Hobart, Blackheath and Sydney. I hope you like it!

Now a few more things to share:

Two recipes I'll be trying next week - cauliflower 'meatballs' with Marsala sauce and an easy baked pasta for a little crowd.

Did you read In The Company of Women? This is a sequel of sorts - the extraordinary lives of older women.

14 things to do with friends other than dinner.

Wes Anderson's cafe in Milan is beautiful - exhibit a and b.

I'm a big fan of Noah Baumbach films and recently watched The Squid and the Whale. It's on Netflix and had elements of Woody Allen and Wes Anderson movies too.

And for the all the aunties and uncles out there, here's what I chose for my niece's birthday - a rainbow mermaid's tail for dressing up, a giant crazy crayon with 64 colours, and a pink hat with a cloud on it (from here) for playing in the backyard. I watched her open them over FaceTime and she was so so happy!

I also think these hand knitted dolls are beautiful - they come with their own birthday, character notes and every doll helps feed 10 children in need.

Catch you next week :)

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