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15 October 2017

These last few weeks have been filled with small and satisfying discoveries. This weekend, at my brother's recommendation, I listened to Stevie Wonder's classic album Songs in the Key of Life from start to finish. When I listen to music, I tend to listen to individual songs over and over again but listening to the whole album and concentrating on it was something I really enjoyed.

I've also been listening to Dirty John, a new podcast from the LA Times. It's an addictive tale of a deceptive relationship that begins to impact a whole family. It's based in Orange County and the opening minutes of the first episode almost put me off - they're violent and graphic - but it's worth listening even if it means skipping that part or listening with one ear.

My very first housemate (we shared a little cottage in Sydney's inner-west) used to work in the organic shop in our neighbourhood. We could rarely afford to buy anything but every now and then she'd bring home a block of Green & Black's dark chocolate. I stumbled across it in the supermarket the other day and I am hooked. It's much richer and more satisfying than other dark chocolate, so it gets savoured. Also - have you tried dark chocolate Maltesers? Another recent obsession :)

We had a book sale at work last week to raise money for the Indigenous Literacy Fund and I was lucky enough to pick up Brooke McAlary's new book Slow. Tony and I have been taking turns reading chapters, and of all of the books on slow living and minimalism I've sampled recently, this one really brings everything together. The best thing? It encourages slow change, which feels exciting and achievable.

And I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of Anna Jones's new cookbook, The Modern Cook's Year. Every Christmas I receive a book voucher from work and I've been saving my 2016 one for something great. We make her kale, tomato and lemon spaghetti all the time and have been shifting towards veggie-filled meals of late. The new book is due out in a few week's time.

Speaking of new cookbook releases, I've been loving the sample recipes from Helen Goh and Yottam Ottolenghi's book Sweet. I've bookmarked this apple and olive oil cake with maple frosting.

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