How to feel at home anywhere

18 October 2017

I am packing my bag again this week for a quick trip to Brisbane. There will be just enough time to stick my head into GOMA and check out some foodie recommendations from Hannah before a day at work and my flight home.

These last few months have been full of travel and from them I've learnt to pack light and move quickly. I've finally invested in a retractable make-up brush (!) and most importantly a carry on bag with wheels that fits my laptop and saves my back (I scored this Crumpler bag on super sale!).

The one thing that makes me feel at home no matter where I am is a good cup of tea. I take this little pouch of tea bags wherever I go, usually with a mix of English Breakfast, Earl Grey and Peppermint teas. And when I stay at a hotel with individually wrapped tea bags, I take a few for the road :)

A quiet tea in a hotel room keeps me going after a 4.30am start, and has soothed a sore throat after a cold and far too much talking. Tony drinks Rooibos, so before our trip to the mountains, I bagged up some of his loose leaf tea so he could have it at the ready.

A few other things that make me feel at home on the road - texts from my sister, funny Whatsapp messages from my girlfriends, quick calls home and a good book. I'm reading A Little Life at the moment. It's brilliant but I am bracing myself for what's to come.

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