Finding a morning routine

24 October 2017

I did something funny the other day - I went shopping for a clock radio, which made me feel like I was in high school again. I ended up getting this one, and after it was set up, I moved my phone charger into the lounge room. 

Now my phone doesn't come into the bedroom, which has made more time for reading at night and has helped me get up when my alarm goes off in the morning. The switch took a little getting used to - I always think of a million things before bed, like Christmas present ideas for friends or something I could do on the weekend. So I've put a small notebook by my bed to capture any end of day thoughts or things I want to look up later.

I've been curious about setting up a morning routine ever since I had a week off work, because I wanted my weekdays to feel less rushed and include some creative time too. So far there are only two things I do every day - I wake up to classical music (Tony's idea!) and make myself a hot drink in my morning mug. 

I'm not waking up any earlier but without the distraction of my phone, I have time to brew tea or coffee (I used to only have time to wolf down my breakfast), plus time to do one good thing before I have to leave for work. 

The thing changes day-to-day but lately it's included a few chapters of my book, a short yoga sequence at home, a yummy breakfast (I've been scrambling lots of eggs lately), a bit of blogging or coffee at a favourite cafe. Exercise always perks me up (and keeps worries at bay) so I'm keen to try a mountain walk and a morning class at a new yoga studio some time soon.

It might sound crazy but limiting my time on social media has helped me focus on what it is I want to be doing at any given time. Aside from deleting the Facebook app on my phone (I check in when I'm at a computer), I've turned off notifications on Messenger and Whatsapp too. It's surprisingly freeing.

P.S - Because I'm a nerd, I researched other morning routines and loved this illustrated guide. Right now, a very loose routine is working for me :)

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