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09 September 2017

So much happened this week. I ate a cheese souffle, met Richard Fidler (!), caught a too-early flight to Sydney. I went to OzPod yesterday, a conference about one of my favourite things - podcasts! The highlight was this session with Jenn White, who was behind Making Oprah. I asked a question at the end (my heart was pounding!). If you're a true crime fan, this session was also great.

Tony was in Sydney at the same time, to see some art fairs. I tagged along to Spring 1883, a small fair spread across three floors of hotel rooms! It's still on today if you're curious - it's such a fun experience. We're off to Wollongong today to see the ocean, some friends and more art.

Here are a few things to share:

I've been getting into overnight oats this week - there are some super cute breakfast puddings in the latest issue of Lunch Lady magazine. There's also this recipe, with blueberry and chia jam, which is perfect for the abundant berries that seem to be around.

We watched this Netflix doco during the week about returned US soldiers with PTSD who learn how to surf. The surf instructor is such a great dude.

I've been listening to the Show and Tell podcast, which I found via Edwina's feed (in between ace beauty recommendations). It's been keeping my energy up - the Megan Gale episode was a highlight, there's a Zoe Foster Blake episode too.

And if you're in a cake-baking mood (it's still so cold in Canberra!), here are three different options - a vanilla bundt cake with a fancy praline topping, a dark chocolate olive oil cake, and a spiced rhubarb upside-down cake.

Have a lovely weekend!


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