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01 September 2017

How did you go this week? I had my head down for most of it but tried to start each day with something fun and new, like a trip to Canberra's newest doughnut shop :) This weekend, I'm going to take a little break from social media, curl up with the latest issue of Lunch Lady magazine, and try out some new recipes. Catch you next week!

The cutest print.

A new vegetarian cookbook that's right up my alley.

Humans of New York is now a video series!

Busting to try this Sydney eatery.

A breakfast I've been copying (side note: this is the best peanut butter, you can find it at Coles!).

A deep-dish pizza that got better with age.

Plus, one for the diary. The biannual Feminist Writers Festival has stops in Melbourne and Canberra this year. The program looks great!

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