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22 September 2017

In Hobart, this rainbow disappeared as I walked towards it. Like the icy cold wind that woke me up as I headed to breakfast, so many parts of my stay were fresh and exciting. I trekked through the city to eat just-made doughnuts, sampled a scallop pie in my lunch break, and was blasted by wind on the ferry to MONA.

A highlight was meeting Catherine for lunch, I've been following her blog Little Glowing Lights for years, her Instagram too. She suggested we meet at Pigeon Whole Bakers, and it became one of my favourite places of the trip. I returned for a morning bun before my flight home and carried a kilo of bread flour and a pile of chocolate, ginger and sesame cookies home.

I was determined to see James Turrell's installation Armana on my first night. The light show begins at sunset, and this night I was on my own. The winds were ferocious, so I watched it with my hood pulled up, freezing but mesmerised. Earlier that afternoon, I'd found an entire room of Henry Darger drawings and collages at MONA, on loan from America.

Right before I left for Hobart, Tony and I drove to Sydney for the shortest trip. We ate fairy bread gelato in the sun and then I tagged along to an artist party at the Art Gallery of NSW. It was so fun! We ran into old friends, hung out by the barbecue, and wandered through two new shows. I loved the super bright Mikala Dwyer show and a giant painting of watermelon wedges and Lisa Simpson from the show next door.

I am super grateful for all of this recent travel. I am also feeling good about spending this weekend at home. It is going to be warm and sunny on Saturday, so I'm planning to go on an early morning hike with my friend James, and eat lunch by the lake.

Here are a few good things:

A foolproof plan for success - succeed less.

Music recommendations for your breakfast, lunch and tea - a new e-newsletter from my brother Derrick.

Marbled banana bread.

Do you ride a bike? Here's why you should wear your helmet, plus what to say if you encounter someone who's had an accident.

There were two excellent posts from a new favourite blog this week - first, dark chocolate pistachio breakfast buns, and then a beautiful recollection of a drizzly afternoon in New York.

My go-to pizza base and sauce.

I started a new book this week, based on Jodi's recommendation. Many pages have already been dog-eared :)

Definitely making this baked orecchiette with mini meatballs!

If you're in Sydney next week, Tony has an exhibition opening at Galerie pompom on Wednesday night. We'd love to see you!

And a blog post I read over breakfast that made me think:"For me slow living is about taking the time necessary to create something great."

Thank you for reading and see you next week!

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