14 September 2017

Whenever things get a bit crazy, I have a sudden urge to bake a cake. It's almost always a sign to take a breather. Yesterday, I decided to take the afternoon off to do just that.

I walked into the city after lunch to stock up on supplies, caught the bus home, and started work on a dark chocolate olive oil cake. It didn't look like much when it came out of the oven (I also kept wondering... would it be too olive-oily?) but later that night with a scoop of yoghurt and some berries, it was perfect.

A few hours away from the office helped me realised that as things have gotten busier, I've given up on some of the no-brainer things that keep me sane - like riding my bike. This morning, encouraged by the re-opening of a bike path cafe near my work, I hopped on my bike. I left time for a coffee and a chapter of my book (I'm reading this at the moment), and patted the cafe's pet pug Pudding, who wandered hopefully between customers, in search of a treat.

Two quick things - here's the amazing cake I discovered last year, when I hit a similar busy patch. I also have my eye on Simple Fare, the cookbook that the chocolate cake comes from.

P.S This week I've come to see just how hard the same-sex marriage debate and vote has been on some of my friends. If you can lend an ear, share some cake, take your friend out for something totally distracting - please, please do. X

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