An (almost) offline weekend

04 September 2017

On a whim, I decided to give Instagram and Facebook a rest over the weekend. I still used my phone to check the weather, read blogs and look up recipes but instead of scrolling through other people's weekends - and sharing photos of my own - I found other things to do.

I read my book, picked out some new recipes for the week ahead, did the food shop, and spent time with Tony and his family. I put a small present in the post, rode my bike into the city, and filled a few gaps in my wardrobe too.

The pace of my weekend felt different, and I had more purpose and focus, which surprised me. It's definitely made me curious about taking a longer social media break, or taking short breaks on a regular basis :)

P.S I made these Portobello mushroom burgers and they were so good! We ate them with sweet potato fries with fancy mayo dipping sauce. 

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