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25 August 2017

This week was full and busy, so I'm looking forward to a chilled weekend. On the cards - yoga, some cafe writing time, plus a few sessions of the Canberra Writers Festival. I hope you have an excellent weekend ahead. Here are this week's finds:

A moving essay by Garance Dore about trying for a baby at 40.

Love this t-shirt (and wishing for warmer weather!).

This movie looks fun!

I made these dark chocolate chunk cookies during the week. I'm adding them to this list.

A tomato and basil pasta with brie.

An Instagram account that celebrates the culture and wisdom of women of colour.

I've finally learnt how to poach eggs. This video really helped (watch from 4.22).

Plus, my blog got a mention on the My Open Kitchen podcast. I'm chuffed!

Catch you next week.


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