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11 August 2017

It's almost my birthday! My parents sent me this homemade card and I've been busy baking my dream cake after work. Did you have a good week? Mine dragged a little but I've been loving the brighter mornings and slightly warmer days. Spring isn't too far away! A few things to share:

Have you seen the trailer for The Crown, Season 2? Exciting!

'There is no such thing as being non-political'

A warming pasta.


Zoe Foster Blake's clothing collab is cute! I love her thoughts on fashion too.

A sweet and bright mantlepiece.

Sunday night dinner will be carrot soup and chicken enchiladas :)

And if you're a podcast-geek like me, Audiocraft have released a bunch of sessions from their conference on their podcast.

P.S - There's just under two weeks to register for the plebiscite on same-sex marriage. Here's how to check your enrolment.

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