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14 July 2017

What's on for you this weekend? We have tickets to see The Beguiled (we're watching it in the afternoon because of the gory bits) and I might make my favourite chicken curry. It takes a bit of time, so it only gets made once a year :) For the weekend:

Make your own mushroom burger.

The nicest Instagram feed.

Really enjoying through this book about minimalism (and powering through it!). You can sample it here.

Wise words from Miranda July.

A fascinating (and slightly terrifying) read about life on the road, with social media. #vanlife

And if you're a fan of Broad City, Abbi Jacobson has a new podcast called A Piece of Work. It's all about contemporary art - she visits MoMA each week with a friend and chats to gallery staff about an artist or a period of work.

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