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11 July 2017

The other night I sat down to write out a recipe for Naomi Bulger's Meals in the Mail project. I found out about it through Pip and love the idea - you share a recipe that's special to you and post it to Naomi's PO box - no email submissions allowed. She's going to collate them into a coloured book and send a copy to everyone who submits a recipe. How nice is that?

I wrote out a dark chocolate brownie recipe that I've been tinkering with, trying to make it extra fudgy and rich. I'll share it with you next week, it comes together really quickly and brightens ordinary days.

If you want to be part of Meals in the Mail, you still can! Your recipe has to be postmarked by this Saturday, July 15. I almost chickened out because I can't draw and lots of the submissions are beautifully illustrated. But I'm really glad I did it. There was something lovely about sitting down to write a note on a Monday night.

P.S Here's what also went in the post today... a Bill Murray pin! It's on its way to my sister-in-law. I hope it makes her laugh :)

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