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02 June 2017

Did you have a good week? Mine featured everything from Nutella donuts to the flu shot, with a few early starts mixed in for good measure. We have simple plans for the weekend - a walk in the winter sun and a visit to the National Indigenous Art Triennial. I hope you stay warm and cosy. A few things to share:

Pizza chicken!

A plant-filled apartment (and daily rituals worth copying).

One man's living wake.

An old-school way to keep warm.

I love lists like this - the best podcast episodes of 2017 so far.

"How much should I be judging you on your life decisions?"

The cosiest dinner set up.

Sydneysiders - this Beci Orpin workshop looks like so much fun.

And I'm tempted to try this video diary app. Have you seen it? Here's some inspiration.

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