Three of a kind: Chocolate cake

29 June 2017

Every now and then, life calls for a good chocolate cake. I still remember the one I grew up baking, it came from a pink Family Circle cookbook and was the cake on the cover. It had two layers, lots of buttercream icing and a pile of chocolate curls stacked neatly on top.

I remember mixing it up in a big plastic bowl that was '70s brown. I also remember making it with my sister at our grandmother's house. We invited our younger brother to sample the 'yummy' cocoa and water mixture, which I still feel bad about it!

In the decades since, I've settled on three favourite recipes:

Smitten Kitchen's 'I want chocolate cake' cake is my go-to recipe because it's unfussy and totally satisfying.

Magnolia Bakery's super rich chocolate cupcakes are denser than any cupcake you can buy and excellent with Molly Yeh's green tea frosting.

Finally, if baking a chocolate cake the size of two roasting tins appeals to you, Ruth Reichl's giant chocolate cake will do the job. It feeds 20 and it's also a great base for novelty birthday cakes :)

P.S Don't feel like cake? Here are my five favourite choc chip cookie recipes.

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