Three mid-year goals

15 June 2017

I'm terrible at setting big-picture goals (too scary!) but small ones, I can handle. Right now I have three - including making more time to read. If I'm up early, I stop into a cafe on the way to work so I can read a chapter or two before the day gets away. Dinners have also become simpler to free up time, we're making quick tortellini and big batches of soup.

I'm also planning to make a jar of snacks for my yoga studio. It's not a big project but I was inspired by a great quote about creativity in Lee Tran Lam's zine about work. It comes from Beth Taylor, who's described as a 'serial multi-tasker':

"Of course I would love more time for my creative work, but I'm trying to take the approach that I want my whole life to be an expression of creativity - so doing things like gardening or going on a bushwalk and thinking random thoughts. Not just seeing it as needing to have a certain number of works finished. My latest project was getting a street library for our street."

Finally, I'm trying to focus on one thing at a time. Lately, I've been really good at stressing out on weekends as I think about alllll the things I could be doing in the little time I have left. Chilling out is never on the list! I found this article from Cup of Jo so helpful.

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