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18 June 2017

Even though I was sick for part of last week, there were a few things that made my days comfortable and happy. At the top of my list - Sleepover, a Canadian podcast hosted by Sook-Yin Lee. The premise of the show is zany - three strangers meet up with the host and spend the night together at a hotel. Each guest brings a problem they'd like some help with and three episodes are born.

The very first sleepover features an eight-year-old who can't read, a grumpy old man (think Carl from Up) who has control issues, and a 25-year-old Buzzfeed writer who isn't speaking to her dad. It's surprising and hilarious, and it would be a good podcast to listen to on a road trip with friends. It also made me miss Mystery Show.

Phoenix have a new album, Ti Amo, and it's an instant mood booster. J-Boy and Goodbye Soleil are my favourite tracks, I've also been revisiting this album from 1998!

I stumbled across a beautiful new cookbook the other week while I was shopping for a birthday present. Round to Ours is by Laura Jackson and Alice Levine, who run a supper club together in London. I have lots of cookbooks but this one is especially inviting. It's organised into events, from winter feasts to movie nights with friends (and pasta). It's worth it for the salted caramel brownie recipe alone.

Fun fact: Alice is from the My Dad Wrote A Porno podcast. The girls also have a funny online show called My Pop-Up Restaurant.

I bought these heat-tech socks from Uniqlo last year because they looked cosy. They're super warm and not too expensive. I've been wearing them on freezing morning rides and to bed at night :) And while we're kind of on the topic - these briefs are the best.

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