Aunt life: Baby gifts, simplified

13 June 2017

I put a brownie slab in the post today. It was wrapped in foil, sandwiched between two pieces of cardboard, and then carefully slid into a padded bag. I hope it arrives in tact. The parcel is on its way to my friend Jemma, she had a baby girl a few weeks ago. Aside from the salted caramel brownie, there was just enough room in the package for a cute onesie and a handwritten note. When Jemma had her first baby, she asked me to make a breastfeeding cover with nipples on it... so I did.

When my friends first started having kids, I wanted to give something big and useful as a way of cheering them on and helping them prepare for the new baby. Back then I saved up for baby bags and slings but these days my gifts are a little simpler.

I've been sending two things - something soft and practical for the baby like a onesie or a bunny rug. Halycon Nights has awesome prints as does Target, which I discovered through Jodie's blog. Then I send something delicious for the rest of the family - like a big batch of choc chip cookies.

P.S How beautiful does this book for families sound?

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