A small favour + some news

07 June 2017

Can I ask a favour? I've been thinking about this space for the last little while and wondering about the kinds of things you'd like to see here. After reading this post, my brother Derrick asked if I'd ever write more about some of the meatier topics I mentioned. My friend Adele asked if I'd make short videos for the blog, like I do for work.

When I started this blog, I was living in Wagga Wagga and I had a simple goal - to share things that I would rave about to my own circle of friends, whether it was an observation about marriage or a recipe for an amazing cake (this one comes to mind). I'd also grilled a cake recently (by accident) and wanted to show that life get messy sometimes, even if that's not what we see online.

I've loved interviewing like-minded women about everything from style to bold career moves to baking for Annabel Crabb. Our move to Canberra felt big and it took some time to settle in, and work out when I could blog when the pace of life felt so different.

A few things have changed since then. Last week I was thrilled to make the shift from being a contractor to being a permanent staff member. It's a huge load off my mind. It also made me think of this space and how I can use my time to make sure I'm writing about things you care about too.

So if you have a moment, I'd love to know what's on your mind these days. Is there anything you'd like to see more of here? Something you used to see and miss? Over to you and thank you for sharing this space with me :)

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