Winter prep

31 May 2017

I've been watching movies and TV shows set in winter to ready myself for the season :) Last Sunday it was Manchester by the Sea (so intense!) plus most of Master of None season two was filmed during a snowy New York winter. Now I'm excited about beanies, patterned coats and feel brave about leaving the house.

Make-believe winter aside, I'm a bit more prepared for my second winter in Canberra. Most of it comes down to having the right clothes. While we were in Melbourne, I bought a top and a dress from the Obus merino range. I'm happy to report they're warm, flattering and rarely need a wash.

On rides to work, I'm wearing thick ear warmers (bought on sale in summer!) and two pairs of gloves. I also have a puffer vest that my friend Angie gave me for my birthday last year. It keeps me cosy around the house and while I'm working on my veggie patch or doing the market shop.

And after a two weeks at home, we now have pumpkin soup, spaghetti bolognese and ready-to-bake choc chip cookie balls in the freezer. Let's do this.

P.S Here's one more (heart-breaking) winter flick.

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